Health & Education Policy

The Jazz Foundation will support Education Initiatives focusing on:

  • Primary education. This is our top priority for grant allocation.
  • Vocational training (eg. technical training)
  • Scholarships through educational institutes for higher education
  • Teacher training

Preference will be given to proposals focusing on improving education facilities in remote areas.

Preference for scholarships offered through educational institutions will be given to students from rural and far-flung areas

The Foundation will support Basic Healthcare initiatives focusing on:

  • Health Awareness and Education
  • Vaccination and immunization campaigns
  • Access to healthcare

Projects proposals that we do not support:

  • Individual initiatives (not backed by an organization)
  • Projects that do not clearly belong to the main areas outlined as areas of support
  • Project applications that reach Jazz Foundation by way of Jazz employees personally
  • Organizations or institutions already receiving support from another part of Jazz
  • Contributions to political campaigns or projects or to organizations with high political exposure
  • Projects requiring supplementary financing in order to achieve their goals